Is Chelsea the Real Champions?

Yet another Premiership champion's trophy under its belt is Mourinho
the best manager of the year in England? Is Chelsea has all it takes to be
a champion for simultaneous year or is the money which is buying the
trophies? Without any doubt Chelsea has the money power far better than
any clubs in England perhaps even in Europe but does that mean you can
win title just by buying the best players in the world? If this is true
than why Real Madrid who has the best players in the world like
Beckham,Zidane, Raul, Ronaldo and others still cannot win a single title for so
many years. There is definitely something more than money to win a
title that could be their highly controversial Manager (Mourinho) who is
still not on the popular chart of British Media.
There is something which is missing from most of the other manager as
he has won so many titles in a very short span in his career and his
players respect a lot irrespective of past or present. The players give
him all they can to win each and every match and that could a vital
reason why they win trophies. But still many believe Chelsea wins title
with money. Do you think money can get title and respect from world
class players like John Terry, Frank Lampard?


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