Is It Right To Dive?

"It was never a penalty, Steve Gerrard dived," after replays showed
Czabo Feher's challenge made no contact. But former England striker Ian
Wright did not condemn Gerrard, saying on Match of the Day: "Other
teams will do it against us so why don't we do it?" A Football Association
spokesman said it had no comment to make. Crystal Palace keeper Gabor
Kiraly saved the resulting penalty from Frank Lampard in England's 3-1
win at Old Trafford on Tuesday, but Butcher said: "You can't give a
penalty for that. "Feher came in two-footed to win the ball and Gerrard
took it to one side and then went down, there was no contact

"Had there been contact he would have been stretchered off as it was a
reckless challenge." However, Wright claimed Gerrard's actions were
justified, and refused to castigate the England midfielder. The former
England striker said: "Other people do that to us all the time and we
say it isn't a penalty. "It will happen to us again so we should do

If this was done by someone from Chelsea the same people who doesn't
seem it to be wrong will go mad and will question everyone possible if
this was good for the game. Do we think diving is good for the game?


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