Is Rooney As Good As Marodona?

With the begining of yet another world cup countdown, experts are already looking for the next Marodona. With Rooney not fit enough for the group stages it is highly unlikely he would be the next Marodona of 2006. Twenty years back Marodona single handedly helped Argentina win the world cup. England would have also liked the same from their Marodona equivalent Wayne Rooney but due to the injury he sustained during the premership match against their rivals Chelsea he may not play.

With everyone wishing well for him and team England it would be great to see him make some contribution in this great game of football. I do not know if Rooney is anyway near to Marodona but he could have been a very good asset to the team and would have been a nightmare for their opposition. The last European Cup we saw a glimpse of Rooney's excellence and if he can make a similar impact during any stage of the world cup it would be really worth watching. But will rooney will be fit enough to be a part of world cup?


One Response to Is Rooney As Good As Marodona?

  1. ilunga says:

    Sadly, i dont think we’ll see him play

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