Can Dott Win More titles?

Dott snooker.jpgNew world champion Graeme Dott aims to win more tournaments and finish next season ranked among the top three. Dott will be ranked number six for next season but he wants to win more title and wanted to be atleast number 3 ranked to do so he has to reach finals and semifinals in most of the tournaments. It is true that unlike past where very few players only had a chance to win now it is wide open any one from top 30 could win. Thus it is makes each tournament that hard and to win any one of them is a great achievement. We wish Dott all the success in future and hope his dreams come true.


2 Responses to Can Dott Win More titles?

  1. stieper says:

    I think he has a chance at winning the opening event (The Grand Prix) in Scotland in October. After all this is the first major event being held in his native country – and he has shown great performance on home soil before.

    However I do not think that he will defend the World Championship title, given the fact that many top-players did not hit peak form in this years WC – which I think (and hope) they will next year.

  2. I agree with you that many top players were not in their peak last year, but having said that we should not forget to give credit to Dott for his brilliant performance. I would wish him all the luck and best wishes for future games.

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