Why Murali’s Magic Still Works?

Murali_srilanka.jpgYet another Murali’s magic spell of 8-70 helped Srilanka to win the match and drew the series 1-1. England was always ahead of Srilanka in the series and Srilanka came from behind to give a good fight and the leading bowler was none other than Murali. When people talk about his retirement I cannot believe how a bowler with such good form can also think of retiring. What is so special about him that makes him un-playable? England was 84-0 and was looking to win the series comfortably than the magic man comes and takes 8 wickets and turns the table around. Can anyone stop Murali? Does any team have an answer to this magic spell? What a great player he is, any team would love to have a player like him.


One Response to Why Murali’s Magic Still Works?

  1. Daljit Nayak says:

    This is how one can distinguish Murali with other spinners in the world, when its the matter of do or die, he is always there to deliver his best. How many times now he has done this kind of one man performance in his career…he is really a champion and constistent performaer in the world of cricket and a legend in spin bowlin. Can only be compare with Shane Warne!!! Is there anybody else??? No…I don’t think…
    We as a Inidian need one spinner like him to win matches…not like Harbhajan who comes to picture rarely and never… when we need him to deliver.

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