Is Lara’s 11 Ahead Of Dravid’s 11?

Brian Lara1.jpg V/S Dravid.jpg

West Indies captain Brian Lara believes his boys are ahead of team India. He feels after India lost the one day series and then failing to win the test match has given his team a mental advantage. He feels team India might be feeling little less confident after a average performance. India has not won too many matches in last 2 to 3 weeks and would really be happy to win a test asap to keep their morals high. But the inexperienced pace attack is the real worry they did ok with their batting in the second innings. But the bowling was not upto the mark. Dravid still believes that they got enough bowling attack to give Lara's boys a good game. Hope Dravid is right. He is a great player hope he proves to be a great captain as well. We haven't done well in West Indies and this time we would hope Dravid reverses the trend. Best of luck to Dravid and his boys. But I would wish the best team wins.


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