Who Would You Like To See In The Final?

football-world-cup1.jpgWith most of the group games coming to an end who do you think will reach the finals? Most people would like Brasil to be one of the team in the finals but with their current form no one would be sure that they will make to the finals. Some of the main contenders so far are Germany, Spain, England, Portugal, Holland, Argentina and Brasil. But with the current form I would prefer to see Argentina against Brasil in the final. They are the front runners so far with spain and Germany next to them. England could make to the finals specially with the players they have but the current form does not support the cause. It will be time to tell who will play the final but whoever plays it will be a great one.

W ho do you think will make to the finals?

Do you think England VS Brasil or Argentina VS England will be great to watch?


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