Is Brasil back To Form


Yesterday was a very exciting day of the World Cup so far, we saw some major upset of the World Cup. Ghana forced USA out of cup, so also Italy were ruthless to take out Czech Republic from the World Cup's last 16. The evening matches were much more exciting out of the four teams three teams could enter the last 16 depending on the other match. The first twist to the tail came when Croatia scored the first goal against Australia that means Brasil and Croatia would have qualified. But than we saw japad gave a shocker by scoring against the World Champions. this could be a turning point as they could hope to qualify if they scored one or two goals and hope Croatia defeats Australia.

Soon after sometime Australia scored the equaliser and made them favourites to qualify. Than the real game started Brasil started scoring goals at ease. They were back to their original form they were playing the game for fun and Japan could not cope up with their speed and skills of passing the ball. Ronaldo scored two goals and has equaled the highest goal scorer for all World Cup. By doing this he surpassed the record set by his fellow country man and footabll legend the great Pele. It was really great watching brasil passing the ball as they are excepional in that trade. But the real twist came at the final few minutes when Australia stopped the dream of Croatia qualifying they scored another equaliser at the dying minutes. The match ended in 2-2 draw but that was enough for Australia to Qualify. I think this was from far the best day of this World Cup.


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