The Host And Argentina Through To Quarter Final

argentina.jpgThe host Germany and Argentina are through to last eight. First Germany played really well to win the match they scored 2 goals in the first half. Though Sweden played a better second half and missed a penalty. Larsen took the penalty and hit wide out of the goal post. That could have turned the game but unfortunately Sweden could not match with German's defence and the host finally manged to clinch the victory with 2-0 lead. But the best was kept till the last Mexico started really well and scored the first goal but soon Argentina attacked a lot and finally was rewarded with a own goal. The second half was really excellent everyone was on the edge of their seat. Both the teams played a excellent game of football. They could not be seperated till 90 mints and thus the game went to extra time. In the extra time Argentina started well and than cam the match winning goal from maxi Rodriguez, it was absolutely one of the great goals I have seen so far in this World Cup. He chested the ball and than lofted to the far corner of the goal. The goalkeeper had absolutley no chance to stop that one. Than it was a mere formality and Argentina managed to defend the rest of the extra time to clinch victory and move to the Quarter Final.


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