West Indies Is On Driving Seat

west-indies-logo1.jpgAfter two narrow escapes in last two test matches West Indies have fought hard and are now in the driving seat for the last test match against India. India went to West Indies with full of confidence after sucess against Srilanka and england. But they woke up very soon when they started to lose one day matches. They eventually lost the one day series convincingly and took lots of criticism than they pulled up their socks for the test series. They were almost there to win in both the matches but their inexperienced bowling attack could not finsih the job. West Indies thanked their lucky start and Lara asked for fast pitch, they called special groundsmen and prepared a grassy pitch for the fast bowlers. They were right they attacked India's inexperienced bowling and put on a huge total of 581. But when it came to their bowling they took advantage of the grassy pitch and their seamers did the job for their captain, India is struggling on 216-5. West Indies are now in driving seat and it could turn out that they will win the last match and win the test series. It will be really unfortunate but that is how any game is played. But what did team and India and their over confident coach Chappel learn from this series.


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