Can Rooney Break Ronaldo’s World Record

rooney3.jpg  ronaldo-1.jpg

Ronaldo the brazilian star who has the world record of scoring highest number of goals in World Cup he has scored 15 goals in all world cup. Rooney the star player of England who is only 20 years old wants to break Ronaldo’s record. This is achieveable as he is only 20 and he could easily play in three world cup atleast provided he stays fit. Rooney is a very good player and can score goal at ease he can create chance for others and could also score from some of these chances. He says that he is really hungry and could not wait to score his first goal in world cup. It would be great achievement to score after a major injury in the later stage of premiership against Chelsea. He believes that the team played well so far and will play better in comming games, he wants to win for England rather than his own goal scoring. What a player he is all the England fans should be proud of him. Only time will tell whether he can fulfill his dream of breaking Ronaldo’s record but it is for sure he is one of the best player of England and World in this world cup. Good luck to Rooney and team England.


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