The Real Game Of The World Cup Argentina Vs Germany

The 2006 World Cup logo The host Germany will take on former champions Argentina in quarter finals. The is the toughest match of the tournament so far it will be really a very exciting match. Argentina has played really well so far and are real contender for world cup. But the host has also really done well so far and are also hot favourite to win the cup. This is like a final match of the tournament and who ever wins will be a serious threat for other opposition on the way. Argentina famous for its attacking game will not find easy against the host. Germany is not only a good team but they are good in their attack as well as defence not only that they will have the home advantage and the crowd will play a major role in the game. They will be playing with a extra player and that would be their passionate fans who will back them till the last minute. We all are eagerly waiting for this match everyone in the world will be glued to their tele and cannot miss a single minute of the game. It will be very hard to predict who will win it would go to the last shot. Good luck to both the team and their loving fans. Lets hope one of them reach to the final as they definitely deserve to be in the finals.


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