Italy Beat Sorry Ukarine Are Through to Semis

Yesterday after a shocking exist of Argentina through penalty shoot out it was expected that anything could happen with the other game between Italy and Ukarine. Ukarine who are debuting in this world cup had played well to be in the last eight but they were never the hot favourites to win against Italy. The former world champions proved what they are made of and played really well in the first half they scored an early goal and gained the confidence to win the match. Ukarine came out with a great performanc in the second half but luck was not on their side they missed two or three goal scoring chances thank to the lucky stars of Italy. So far Italy had won games with little luck and it was still there with them. But having said that they played a much better game yesterday than any other games so far in this cup. Toni’s two second half goals were enough to put them through to last four. they will now face the host Germany in the semis and could be a great game for both their fans. Now everyone wil be glued to their tele to see today’s match between England vs Portugal and Brazil vs France. Yesterday’s hero was German goal keeper Lehman he deserved all the credit for his great effort.


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