Is it right to Blame Ronaldo for England’s defeat?

RONALDO ... off

Why all England fans are blaming Ronaldo for England’s defeat. Yes I can agree he did play a part in Rooney’s red card. But any player with Rooney’s experience knows that they should touch another player especially when the refree is standing beside you. The real reason for the red card could be Erikkson’s strategy of playing only one forward and there by restricitng too many openings for rooney. He got frustrated and tried to get possesion as much as possible. Thus he was playing a bit rough. But full credit to England they played really well with ten players and were creating lot of chances. They really lost in penalty shoot out when their star players could not find the net. Ricardo did well to spot some of these shots and helped his country to the semifinals. Crouch in an interview said that they were too tired to take the penalty shoot out and thus lost the match. This is really not expected from a international footballer that they were so tired that they could not take penalty shoot out. this really unbelieveable. I think England should learn to take defeats sportingly and should give due respect to their opponents for their efforts. Portugal have defeated England twice in penalty shoot out so definitley there is something wrong with England and they should sort out their own house rather than blaming anyone. Ronaldo is a world class player and if he leaves Manchester Utd that would be a big loss for their fans and English premiership. real madrid might gain from this controversy.


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