France are through to Finals of World Cup 2006


Zinedine Zidane scores from the spot for France

It is now clear that the world cup 2006 will see a battle betwen tow Europeans countries Italy and France. Yesterday Italy played really well to book their place in the finals, today on the contrary France did not play that well but were lucky enough to move to the finals. Portugal played a better game and had the maximum possesion of the ball but they could not punish France. France after their goal in the first half went very defensive and in the second half they almost played in their own half. But this does not mean Portugal had to many chances they played good game but not too many shots on target. The man of the match for me was Ronaldo though the audience booed all his move but it did not seem to affect his game. On the contrary he was playing a better game. But that Portugal had no attacking talent to match the defence of France. All the four defence player are part of some big clubs and have won the championship in their respectivee country. France are thrilled to be in the finals and it would be a great finals to see tow former champions battle out for the highest honour in Football. Congratulation to france and their supporters and deepest condolence to Potugal and their fans.


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