Lippi Also resigns as Italy Coach

Il Ct dell'Italia Marcello LippiAfter two years and 17 days in charge, Lippi said his decision came at the end of “an extraordinary professional and personal experience.” Italian Federation vice president Giancarlo Abete said Lippi had told him during the second round of the World Cup that he intended to quit regardless of his team’s performance. Despite widespread calls for him to stay at the helm after Italy’s win over France he feels it is right to quit. “I believe that I have achieved what I set out to achieve as coach of the Italian team,” While he is not under investigation, Lippi was questioned by prosecutors before the World Cup about alleged pressure he received to select certain players for Italy’s national team. The former Juventus coach was recently linked with a move to Manchester United as a potential successor to Sir Alex Ferguson. But Lippi was quick to reject the speculation – citing his lack of English as his reason for not moving to the Premiership – and United also denied the rumours. He has given Italy another World Cup and every Italian fan will miss him. We wish him all the success in future.


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