Is Ganguly Rewarded for stabing Dalmiya?
Saurav Ganguly the former captain of India is in the probales for Champions Trophy. He is selected for the last 30 players and might be selected for team India. Now the real issue is not him being selected as his critics also believed that he was a great player and still has the potential to play in the team. But he was throwen out of the team because he fell out with the coach Chapel and the board. He was always believed to be close to Dalmiya and thus the selection board even hinted that he is history. They went to the length in saying that till they are in the selection board he will not be selcted to the team even he performed well. That is exactly what happened he was doing well in the domestic cricket but was not selected. But after he openly oposed Dalmiya he suddenly finds himself in the last 30 list. The most important thing is right now he is not in good form and did not have a great county season with Northampton. But the board wanted to reward him for his stabing from the back on Dalmiya. the same selection board not only short listed but are giving justification for his selection. Can we please keep politics out of sports. I am a big fan of ganguly but I would not like him to be in the team just becuase he opposed Dalmiya whom the board didn’t like. But for Ganguly he has to prove to the people of India that he is worth for his selection as a part of team India. Good luck to ganguly hope he makes a comeback and give us games he is capable.


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