Is Chelsea’s loss is begining of an end?
Chelsea lost to Liverpool in the Community Shield by 2-1 goals. It is not the loss but the way they played the game it did not look like they are the same champios who won the Premiership twice in a row. They were no where near to match fitness and they were not passing the balls like world class team and they were not creating enough chances to score goals. The new signing Ballack limped up from the field that is another worry for Jose. But the worst thing is all the team are so determined to defeat Chelsea it will take too much of effort from and each and every Chelsea player to win the title for the third time. I know Chelsea have some world class players but does big players win trophies if that was true than Real Madrid would have won all the trophies. So let Jose teach the guys the basics of football and tell his players to get to wining habit soon or else it will be too late. This loss against Liverpool will be a begining to an end of Chelsea’s dream run, many teams would wish that could happend but I know Chelsea will fight back and start wining matches and will win the Premiership title for the third time in a row and will do well in the Championship as well.


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