With Schumacher retiring will you watch formula one?

Michael Schumacher the seven times world champion annouced his retirement plans that he will retire at end of this season. He announced this after a spectacular victory in the Italian Grand Prix. He has cut down the lead of Alonso to just two points. Alonso who was punished for blocking Massa in qualifying round started from 10th place but quicky came to third position before retiring due to a engine failure. This means Schumacher starts the next grand prix with just two points behind Alonso with still 30 points at stake. Michael so far not only had a great career but also entertained millions of spectators through out the world. He has the highest fan followers in the world and would be really hard to see how these people still tune in to formula one without him at the forefront. Most of the kids start liking this sport due to Schumacher and his magnificent drive, it will be really difficult for someone to take his place and have such a big fan follower. We salute Michael for achieving what he has and would wish him all the best for whatever he opts to do after the season. I always loved watching him drive and would really miss him next year. We wish he comes back to formula one as a technical director or even start his own company who can compete in formula one. What is your view on Schumacher’s retirement? Will you watch formula one next season?


7 Responses to With Schumacher retiring will you watch formula one?

  1. It will be very difficult for me to continue to watch F1 after Michael Schumacher’s retirement. He brought an excitement to the sport like no other. Schumacher is the symbol for Formula One that Michael Jordan is to the NBA and Tiger Woods to the PGA…….No driver or athlete will ever be his equal. His retirement has been a very sad day for me, indeed!! I wish Michael Schumacher and his family all the best and much success in life!! I love you Michael!!

    Khotrianna Thomas
    New York, NY

  2. I can tell that this is not the first time at all that you mention the topic. Why have you chosen it again?

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  4. ShumyFan says:

    hmmmmmmmm it is difficult for many people to watch F1 without schumi, coz, there are two kinds of F1 fan. one, those loveee shumi, who definately loose the interest in F1 race in the absense of shumi, other kind of F1 fans are those, who hate shumi with great passion. Either way around both loose the interest in F1 without shumi.

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